You can Draw any colors with Scribble Pen Technology

Scribble pen: You can Draw any colors with Scribble Pen Technology is a pen that actually give you a freedom to draw a millions of colors in and around the globe. Actually when i know a pen about few days before in news and i really impressed by the concept and functionality of Scribble Pen Technology.

So, friends here we see some more detail and its practical and professional aspect of this scribble pen.

You can Draw any colors with Scribble Pen Technology


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With the Scribble scanning and capturing any color is easy and fast. Simple hold the Scribble’s scanner up to any color, like on a wall, a fruit, a book or magazine, a painting or even a child’s toy and within a second or two that color is stored in Scribble’s internal memory.

Once stored, that color can then be used to draw on paper (with the Scribble INK). or to draw on a digital screen (with the Scribble STYLUS) instantly.


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The Scribble is intended for anyone who needs access to a wide range of colors as well as the facility to easily and quickly reproduce any color.. Children will love the Scribble because it can create a myriad of different colors, completely replacing even their biggest box of crayons or marking pens. It will also let them instantly scan and draw with any color they see on any object around them.

Artists, graphic designers, interior decorators, fashion designers, or anyone working with color in their professional lives, will be able to scan color from any product, surface or chart, and instantly reproduce the identical color, to be used either on paper or on an electronic device of their choice.

Our nib set offers you a fantastic range of stroke weights. Choose from fine to heavy depending on your mood! We offer 6 tip sizes, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 3.71mm

Those with color vision problems, homeowners and professional painters will find Scribble to be an amazing tool that makes their lives much easier with its color scanning ability. Any color can be scanned and reproduced, making color-matching a breeze and home / business painting much simpler.

Both the Scribble Stylus and Ink can hold thousands of different colors and reproduce them exactly. The Scribble will literally replace a box full of crayons or marking pens and make color reproduction fast and simple for any project and application.

The Scribble Pen and Stylus pairs with a mobile app to instantly sync every color you scan directly onto your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. Your colors become more useful when they are organized, tagged, searchable and converted to various color models.

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One of the most outstanding features of the Scribble is that, since it can reproduce any color, it replaces thousands of marking pens, thereby greatly reducing the huge amount of plastic waste cluttering up our landfills all over the world.