Hundreds of circular hole in Urban Hive Architecture at Seoul

Hundreds of circular hole in Urban Hive at Seoul. This is the cube with combination of white openings. Which is located on corner of crossroad in Kang-nam Ave, is emptied and opened.

The simplicity of monolith is a gesture to hold an atmosphere of floating city. The combination of round holes, is not intended to express effectiveness of modeling. But an attempt as a mechanical settlement of structural walls. Which is exposed to outside on double skin.

Urban Hive – Design Structural Skin

When the perspective is relaxation of city’s tension with the lightness without massive concrete. And the softness without rigidity. The close-range view is a various expression of detail of roundness. which arouse from monotonous in city.

Urban Hive,

The way urban hive connects city and architecture. just a same process that connects architecture and human. The lobby and entrance is not established even the open space is settled. The access of each floor is directly linked to the city’s road.


Urban Hive Project Fact File:


  • Project : Urban Hive.
  • Architect : ARCHIUM
  • Architect In Charge : Kim In-cheurl
  • Location : 476, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
  • Site Area : 1,000.97m2
  • Built Area : 584.78m2
  • Gross Floor Area : 10,166.89m2
  • Building Coverage : 58.43%
  • Floor Area Ratio : 798.69%
  • Floors : B4 + 17F
  • Height : 60 m
  • Opened : 2009
  • Design Period : June 2004 ~ April 2007
  • Construction Period : February 2006 ~ September 2009
  • Structure :  Reinforced concrete (RC) + T-type Steel composite beam (TSC), Honeycomb Structure.
  • Exterior Finish : Exposed concrete
  • Planning Period : June 2004 ~ April 2007
  • Construction Period : February 2006 ~ September 2009
  • Client: Urban Hive Inc.
  • Year : 2008
  • Structural Engineering : SEN Engineering Group.
  • Data Management : MASIL
  • Photographs : Park, Young-chae.

Urban Hive, Urban Hive, Urban Hive, Urban Hive,

In architecture, a building’s structure and the skin has been treat as a separate subject.

The emplacement of new materials and advanced technologies has allowed the architects to design Structural Skin. which the surface of the building acts as the structure and vice versa.

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