Sustainable Culture and Art Center of Yuhang, China

Eco Sustainable Culture and Art Center of Yuhang, China. is one of the latest architectural proposal by Studio Marco Piva. Yuhang  is a district of the Zhejiang province, under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou, just 150 km far from Shanghai. The city is the birthplace of Liangzhu Primitive Culture, which boasts the Dawn of Chinese Civilization and is an important prehistoric site of humankind on earth. It is often called “hometown of fish and rice, house of silk, garden of flowers and fruits and land of multiple cultures”.

Green Architecture of Culture and Art Center of Yuhang

With picturesque landscapes, Yuhang has very rich natural and historical heritages. Here we are seen step by step how culture and art center design evolve and reach up to the mark.

culture and art,

  • Client Requirements :

The client need were for  a forward-looking culture and art center project. That at the same time consider the public and commercial needs. The culture and art center had to be a landmark of Linping new town. and one of the most influential public areas of Hangzhou.

An artistic culture and art center that integrate architecture, water system, plaza. Green space with an advanced managing experience. Making sure about the sustainability of the overall culture and art center project.

The Cultural and Art Center has to be constituted by three sections:

  1. The performance architecture, which includes the grand theater, the small theater and the cultural and art plaza.
  2. The culture and art center, which includes the art gallery, cultural center and the library.
  3. Suiting eastern-lake landscape design, including the lake and surrounding.

culture and art,culture and art,


Based on the client’s brief, 5+1AA,  Studio Marco Piva and Arup developed a design concept based on the idea of dynamical forms.

Know More About Art Center Architecture:

Able to define functional interlaced spaces but also modulated. Strongly interact with the environment reacting to natural or artificial lights. Also, generating visual surprises and reflection effects.

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