Museum of Modern Art for Artist Pierre Soulages Rodez, France.

Dark arts: A Museum of Modern Art for Artist Pierre Soulages Rodez, France.  The modern art museum building is entirely abstract, settling itself with bold. This is blocky monochrome slabs across a prime position in the middle of the city. ‘New Brutalism’ sums up some of the Architectural punch. Swagger of the Museum of Modern Art dedicated to Pierre Soulages. that recently opened in his hometown of Rodez. As befits France’s greatest living artist, a feisty 94 year old.

A Museum of Modern Art Building Architecture

museum of modern art,

Soulages is know for his consistency, notably a lifelong commitment to the color black. The museum effectively pays homage to this palette, also including his dark blue and deep brown walnut stain tones.

The chef d’oeuvre of Catalan practice RCR Arquitectes (aided closely by Narbonne firm Roques et Passelac), this geometric game of interlocking volumes is, like Soulages’ work, both utterly ‘now’ and yet resonant of other eras of High Modernist certainty.

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Sprawling over 6,600 sq m on a series of stepped levels. The museum of modern art structure’s distinctive Corten steel. Conjures Soulages’ rusty ‘brou de noix’ autumnal aesthetic. The sculpture of Richard Serra, likewise it’s glassed pavilion entrance has all the austere grace of Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie.

This museum of modern art would happily be mistaken for some sixties exercise in ‘bunker archeology’. But with all the finish and finesse of an expensive contemporary cultural institution.

museum of modern art,

museum of modern art,

After the drama of its exterior silhouette, a jagged composition equally striking from every approach. RCR excels with the actual galleries themselves. a chain of sumptuously somber salons, that pull one along as if underwater.

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