Modern Mediterranean House Plans For Enjoys View Of The Agrarian Plain And Mountains

Hello Folks,…. This Modern Mediterranean House Plans on the basis of Home is certainly where the heart is, and its where most of your time will eventually be spent. So, Why not make it something exceptional, comfortable and something you really want?

In Brief, If we over look this modern Mediterranean house that certainly meets those requirements, Located in Zgharta, Lebanon, this house spans 400 sq. m. and sits atop a Mediterranean olive grove. Sloping ever so slightly to the main road, the house enjoys unobstructed views of the simple agrarian setting, with views of mountains and plains.

Well today we have a Modern Mediterranean House – The Zgharta House by platau.

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Modern Mediterranean House Architecture

Modern Mediterranean House Plans For Enjoys View Of The Agrarian Plain And Mountains-zgharta-house-platau (20)

  • Modern Mediterranean Zgharta House Design Fact File:

  1. Architects: platau
  2. Location: Zgharta, Lebanon
  3. Design Team: Boulos Douaihy, Sandra Frem, Romeo Chahine
  4. Area: 400.0 sqm
  5. Photographs: Ieva Saudargaite
  6. Contractor: Design / built
  7. C&S Engineer: Ghassan Matta
  8. M&E Engineer: Bachir Saadeh, Roger Njeim
  • Modern Mediterranean House Exterior:

Zgharta house sits in a Mediterranean olive grove landscape. The site slopes gently to the main road and Enjoys an unobstructed view of the agrarian plain and mountains. The Modern Mediterranean House negotiates conditions of inclined topography, views and privacy by massing in two L-shaped horizontal levels that follow the natural terrain:

The lower level comprises bedrooms, bathrooms, and technical spaces. The upper level is dedicated to the main living space, dining, kitchen and library.

The extrusion of the two horizontal levels creates a third space, an outdoor courtyard which allows the landscape to slide throughout the house. A u-shaped stone wall wraps diagonally around the two floors, creating an intense outer edge, and a series of enclosed patios.

  • Modern Mediterranean House Facades:

In the lower level, the patios are a series of inner gardens that inundate the bathrooms and bedrooms with natural light.

In the upper level, the patio is an open air entrance porch. In contrast, interiors are fully glazed, opening up to the privacy of the patios, courtyard and to the distant mountain views.

From the street, the house is perceived as a series of horizontal silhouettes that fade out in the ground, inscribing the house in its larger geography while giving it privacy from the proximity of the road.

The roof hovers over the house with large cantilevers, bringing shade and privacy to the glazed living spaces below, and blurring inside and outside spaces.

The material palette comprises sandstone cladding for the site boundary and u-shaped wall, white concrete for the roof and structure, and low energy glazing for the inner facades.

  • Modern Mediterranean House Photos:


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The southern orientation of the house and its massing allows for natural lighting, cross ventilation and passive cooling for all spaces; canceling the need for air-conditioning during the long Mediterranean summer, while benefiting from the optimum sun exposure during winter.

  • Unique Design Detail of Modern Mediterranean home:

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Generally we see a Bathroom is closed and decorated with different kind of shines and patterned materials. But here in modern Mediterranean house have a bath room which is open in light well. This light well makes this bathroom something unique because full height sliding window provide fully openness. At the same time light well covered by four side wall to provide privacy of bath users.

In this bath tub you really enjoy your time with your loved ones,…..;)