Fields of Tomorrow Create Israel Pavilion Milan Expo 2015

Fields of Tomorrow create Israel Pavilion Milan Expo 2015: This is an award winning Israeli architect David Knafo has presented the official design. For the Israel Pavilion at 2015 Milan Expo. The Israel pavilion is to be situated in a strategic position next to that of the hosting Italian Pavilion on the Milan Expo site.

As the intentions of it’s Master-planners Stefano Boeri and Herzog DeMeuron.  This expo is the first expo to deal with food production, culture and development in times of the international economical crises and with a world population reaching over 7 Billion people.

Fields of Tomorrow create Israel Pavilion Milan Expo 2015

The intention of the pavilion is therefore to built a sustainable structure with ecological and green principles and materials, aiming for LEED platinum certification.

From the Desk of an Architects:

Israel is an agricultural laboratory and a worldwide case study that exports knowledge, experience, and technology to the entire world.

The cultivation of rocky land, the growth of vegetables in the desert, the invention of new methods of irrigation, the upgrading of seed quality are part of the inception of modern agriculture marked by creativity, dare and achievements.

The 2015 Milan Expo­ theme – “Feeding the planet – Energy for life” provides a unique opportunity to present those. The pavilion presents valuable knowledge base and technology that is being used today, worldwide, in order to challenges hunger and poverty, to spread prosperity and stability in developing countries.

Israel Pavilion Milan Expo,

The Israel Pavilion Milan Expo, under the title” The Fields of Tomorrow”, creates an immediate and powerful visual experience of agricultural and engineering performance.

The vertical field provides a fresh and unique perspective on how food is produce and supply in the world.  The field is comprised of modular tiles utilized for cultivating agricultural products on a steel frame elevated above ground.

The tiles contains a computer-controlled drip watering system for optimal crop cultivation and growth.  The field will consist of cereal varieties and other basic foodstuffs that will offer a wide variety of products that will produce a mosaic of textures, smells, and colors.

Israel Pavilion Milan Expo,

The Israel Pavilion Milan Expo building relates to its special location at the center of the park, directly opposite to the Italian pavilion, adjacent to the Cardo and Decumanus, and offers a walk along its facade as part of the visitor experience in the Israel Pavilion Milan Expo.

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