Mediterranean Glass And Concrete House Architecture in Toulon, France

When we see this Mediterranean House Design, Definitely forget about How much does a concrete house architecture cost?. Not Because of their cost effectiveness, But the environment, feel and sea front you get, from every corner of this privet weekend destination of modern concrete house. Pascal Grasso Architectures create concrete house architecture – “Maison Le Cap”, a private glass and concrete residence architecture, made up of concrete and glass volumes in Toulon, France.

How To Build a Concrete House Architecture?

Concrete House Architecture,

Off form concrete house Architecture

The weekend holiday residence is adapted to it environment in terms of topography, climate and light.

“In day time, nothing from the inside of the house can be perceived, from the outside as the openings reflect the landscape, (and this furthermore intensifies the way in, which the four cubes volumes of concrete merge in their environment).

Dealing with this connection to the landscape also implied resolving the issue of the openings. More willingly speaking of screens rather than windows, the architect thought in terms of photographic or filmic framing.”

Situated on the waterfront of one of the most beautiful sites along the Southern Var Coast in France, the concrete house architecture makes the most of the typical Mediterranean atmosphere.

Concrete House Architecture,

How to Create a Concrete House Architecture Step by Step

Pascal Grasso conceived, a modern concrete house divided into four volumes, set in the landscape according to an orientation determined by the viewpoints, connected together by circulation spaces.

Each of the four raw concrete boxes has a distinctive size and positioning (on the ground, in slight levitation, cantilevered, piled up). This was a means to take advantage of the tilted land by working with terraces at different levels, but also to interact with the surrounding landscape.

With a distinct size and position, each of the four levels add up to an overall harmonious living experience.

Photos by: Cyrille Weiner

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