France Pavilion Milan Expo 2015 – Expo Building Architecture

France pavilion Milan expo 2015 will extend over 3600 m² of exhibition space, 2000 of which will be taken up by the expo building designed by the architects Anouk Legendre and Nicolas Desmazieres. The project will cost 20 million euros overall.

The design concept behind the pavilion (as seen in the video) draws on the great Parisian covered market Les Halles, with its mid to late C19th pavilions, designed by Victor Baltard for Napoleon III.

France pavilion Milan expo 2015

France will be showcasing its own agriculture, fishing and agricultural and food products in a scientific, technological and sustainable response to the Universal Exposition’s overarching theme: ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.’

france pavilion milan expo,

As well as being symbolic of trade and production, the pavilion will be both architecturally innovative and low tech, responding to the challenge of “producing more” and “producing better.”

The French pavilion at Expo 2015 will be constructed entirely of wood from the Jura massif. It will be three storeys high and the ceilings hung with typical agricultural and food products, to recreate an “upside down” version of the land shaped by its farmers.

france pavilion milan expo,

The pavilion layout derives from a three-dimensional cross-section of a piece of land with all its humps and depressions, upturned to show the internal wealth of concave and convex curves.

The tour of the pavilion will begin in the lush, maze-like garden, showcasing the diversity and multiplicity of the French regional landscapes.

france pavilion milan expo,

Inside the pavilion, the path continues through the pillars supporting the great central vault, offering a wealth of sensory, tactile and olfactory experiences.