“The Little Pilot” Inspiring Child Bedroom Interior Design with Color of Flying

Hello Folks,….. “The Little Pilot” Inspiring Child Bedroom Interior Design with Color of Flying is a really nice and inspiring interior design idea for all of us. “The Little Pilot” Child Bedroom Interior Design is а room for a little boy who loves the idea one day to become a pilot. He loves to build airplanes and listen to stories about famous aviators.

His room presents his little idea, which one day become a big. The concept of the design is inspired by the idea of Kobi Yamada’s book “What Do You Do with an Idea?”.

“…and then, I realized what you do with an idea. You change the world. ” Kobi Yamada

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Inspiring Child Bedroom Interior Design with Color of Flying

The room is divided into few zones. The bed is a place for dreaming. In every other zone the little pilot is working on his ideas. He has a few workplaces and everyone depends of what he needs to do – working-playing on computer, building an airplane or reading stories, or just seating on the floor and dreaming while looking the map on the wall and the stripes in blue – the color of flying; in green – the color of landing; in orange – the color of thinking and creating.

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About Designers

Branimira Ivanova and Desislava Ivanova were born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1979.
They received their Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Kingston University, London, and their Master’s degree in Interior Design from Florence Design Academy in Florence, Italy, where they were awarded with FDA Elite Student Award for outstanding results and achievements during their time in the academy.
Their first touch with interior design is in the School of interior architecture and woodworking in Sofia. Then it turns into their passion. In order to develop their abilities and to improve their knowledge, they follow a succession of studies in University of Forestry, Sofia; Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences; College of furniture design, Austria; Kingston University, FDA

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So, friends this is one fine example and really inspiring Child Bedroom Interior Design derivation with proper philosophical concept of Corbie. Each and Every colors of this room, every elements which is a part of your childhood, is definitely inspiring your childhood and give a wing of thought of your youth also. Hope you people really enjoying this Child Bedroom Interior Design.