Beautifully Played in Bold and Bright Colors in Interior Design

Hello Folks,….. Beautifully Played in Bold and Bright Colors in Interior Design is about this beautifully crafted and designed of all interior design elements with their bright and bold colors. Interior colors of this Nadja apartment block look and feel very comfy and really relaxing in appeal.

‘nadja’ consists of two apartments on subsequent floors that were renovated and connected with a stair in the middle. the family residence was completed in 2014 by point supreme architects in Athens, Greece. the lower level is an open, marine-like environment with large pieces of furniture anchoring the family’s communal activities like floating islands.

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Bold and Bright Colors in Interior Design

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The areas throughout are flexible, all focusing on a central location rather than sectioning off. every room is furnished with custom-made constructions that double as visual connectors between spaces. cupboards, seats, stairs, shelves, and tables are mixed with numerous typologies of screens, interior partitions, curtains and other filters.

the central, and most complex construction, is the main staircase. aside from its obvious use, it incorporates the living room and kitchen cupboards, a glass partition, built-in planter, blackboard, and a painted pink sun that rises through and up to the second floor.

Above, the second level hosts a dense living environment more earthy than its downstairs counterpart. bedrooms are designed with an optical ‘split’ that combines a social area and a more intimate, private zone.

The floors are rich compliments to the architecture, influenced by the location’s Greek island architecture. the clients followed point supreme closely throughout the process, continuously supporting and challenging the design. the project was completed in collaboration with KN group construction.

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So, Friends colors of your interior design concept is a most important interior design element because we all know and scientifically prove that colors also affect on your health and mental balance. If you choose your interior design colors patterns proper and appropriate, you feel always in happy and enjoyable positive energy surround you.

Have a some suggestions on the selection of colors in interior designing of modern homes or any kind of structures, Suggest here without wait,…. Because sharing knowledge is the one way to learning things,…..;)