Beach Bungalow Designs with Contrast and Balance of Venice

Venice Beach Bungalow Designs. with Contrast and Balance against the Natural surrounds is beach bungalow designs for a couple. by architectural designer Sebastian Mariscal. with an emphasis on retaining the existing trees and a seamless connection between indoors and out. There were several mature trees on the site which Sebastian insisted be kept despite the challenge of building around some of them. The way he dealt with that was to give every room. in the beach bungalow designs a corresponding outdoor space, integrated with nature. Each room ended up with its own deck, patio, roof garden, or courtyard and in totality these spaces were a replacement for the traditional back yard. This principle also worked well with the owners need to accommodate long-term guests while preserving privacy and space for all occupants.

Beach Bungalow Designs

beach bungalow designs,

Sebastian designs with light as much as he beach bungalow designs with mass. You can see that in the house; there are lots of subtle ways in which corners or walls cast a shadow onto a space beautifully. There’s a unique consciousness of designing with natural light.

The celosía, the wooden screen out front, is just one example—the way it casts shadows at different times of the day. There are lots of aha moments as you walk through the house.

beach bungalow designs,

I don’t think any of what we keep discovering as, we live here is by accident. This is all part of Sebastian’s beach bungalow designs vision. Sebastian is an auteur. That’s reflected at all scales, from the whole scale of the property down to minute details: the cabinetry, the joinery, small windows  in gardens.

Things we take delight in discovering were all part of his vision from the beginning. I think this is a testament to the scope of his talent.

Make It Yours Beach Bungalow Designs with Contrast and Balance against the Natural surrounds

beach bungalow designs,

Stain It Black

The knotty cedar cladding from Crenshaw Lumber was retreat. with an ebony stain from Timber Pro UV—twice on both sides—prior to being brought to the site, where it was left for eight weeks so that it could adjust to the moist seaside air before installation.

“Cedar siding swells or shrinks when it gains or loses moisture while it reaches equilibrium with the content of the surrounding air,” says Michael. On the Wabi House in San Diego, Mariscal used a charred cedar, but staining gives the same effect for a lower cost.

beach bungalow designs,

Mix It Up

The couple chose to contrast the wood in the master bath with a smooth Caesarstone counter in Organic White 4600, which was measured and cut specifically for the space.

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