Design of Barack Obama Presidential Library in Chicago.

Regenerative Design of Barack Obama Presidential Library for Bronzeville. Chicago is based on the 1909 Burnham Plan. Chicago’s strong urban grid and appropriately scaled. streets provide seamless connections among neighborhoods, parks and Lake Michigan.

The former Michael Reese Hospital campus in Bronzeville. however, currently creates a barrier between Bronzeville and the lakefront.

The design proposal gives the south lakefront back to the people of Chicago. extending the Chicago Museum Campus to the south and filling a gap. in a necklace of public city assets that stretches from Evanston to Northwest Indiana.

So, let’s have a tour the Barack Obama Presidential Library.

Regenerative Design of Barack Obama Presidential Library for Bronzeville, Chicago.

barack obama presidential library,

Proposed plans for the barack obama presidential library. Have been revealed by global architecture and engineering office HOK. working alongside the museum campus foundation. – a non-profit organization – the submission identifies bronzeville. a historic neighborhood on chicago’s south side. as the site for the project, intended to promote sustainable growth and drive economic development within the district.

barack obama presidential library,

From the architect’s desk :

“Our proposal challenges the historic trend of designing presidential libraries as static repositories of a presidency,” said Peter Ruggiero, AIA. design principal for HOK’s Chicago practice. “By fully realizing the potential of the site, the Barack Obama Presidential Library would go beyond cataloguing.

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