Architectural Drawings of Issam Fares Inst. by Ar. Zaha Hadid

Collection of Architectural Drawings of Issam Fares Institute by Ar. Zaha Hadid. Here you can find design plans and graphical working of the Issam Fares Institute.

Here we are take a tour of some features of the project Issam Fares Institute.

Know More About Institutional Architecture.

Architectural Drawings and Plans of Issam Fares Institute

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The IFI was established as a neutral, dynamic, civil. and open space where people representing all viewpoints in society can gather. and discuss significant issues, anchored in a long-standing commitment. to mutual understanding and high quality research.

The institute aims to harness, develop and initiate research of the Arab world. to enhance and broaden debate on public policy. and international relations.

The design significantly reduces the building’s footprint by ‘floating’. much of the IFI’s facilities above the entrance courtyard. To preserve the existing landscape integral to the 2002 master-plan,

create a new public space for the campus. and establish links from the university’s Central Oval to the Middle Campus. and Mediterranean Sea to the north.

“The building emerges from the geometries of intersecting routes. as a series of interlocking platforms. and spaces for research. engagement and discourse,” said Zaha Hadid Architects.

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